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April, 11 2022 in Cybersecurity

ASM: what is it, where to use it, and how can it prevent cyber attacks?

Here's how Attack Surface Management (ASM helps organisations identify and monitor possible threats.

Author: Vaultree Team

April, 07 2022 in Encryption

What are the differences between encryption, salting and hashing?

These security techniques have different applications but work together to get higher levels of data protection.

Author: Vaultree Team

March, 17 2022 in Cybersecurity

War in the 2020s: how it can all start with cyberattacks

Before the Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, the country was first attacked by malware. Intelligence flows in many ways in times of war.

Author: Vaultree Team

February, 24 2022 in Hot Trends

What can we expect from the infosec market in 2022?

With the year still ahead of us, there are undoubtedly many exciting things we can look forward to in 2022.

Author: Vaultree Team

February, 07 2022 in Cybersecurity

Three basic tools to bring more data security to companies

Companies need to step up their cybersecurity game: these are the three tools our IT specialists recommend as the first steps.

Author: Vaultree Team

January, 31 2022 in Encryption

What is Searchable Symmetric Encryption (SSE) and what are its advantages?

SSE is a fundamental step towards security in cloud systems and should become the norm in the sector.

Author: Vaultree Team

January, 10 2022 in Hot Trends

Cybersecurity investments are soaring: here is why this is a good thing

As investments in cybersecurity startups reach record numbers, VCs need to watch more than just the unicorns.

Author: Vaultree Team

December, 14 2021 in Hot Trends

Hacker attacks on health websites in Brazil show the importance of data security in all areas

How an alleged hacker attack took down the official application that stores proofs of vaccination in Brazil.

Author: Vaultree Team

December, 09 2021 in Cybersecurity

Five steps security managers need to take to stay safe

Impact assessments for data security should follow five simple steps to maximise security. Check out what to do.

Author: Vaultree Team

December, 02 2021 in Cybersecurity

Three cases for Privacy Enhancing Technologies and their relevance

How security and risk management leaders can apply PETs in AI modelling, cross-border data transfers, and data analytics.

Author: Vaultree Team

November, 16 2021 in Hot Trends

A look into 2022: Privacy Enhancing Technology as a necessary trend for the year

After a year of massive cyberattacks, here's how PETs are officially one of the best techniques to keep your data safe.

Author: Vaultree Team

November, 10 2021 in Hot Trends

What will 2022 bring us when it comes to data security?

With 2021 reporting what will likely be a record number of data breaches, how will we fight back in 2022?

Author: Vaultree Team