Simple ways of implementing and maintaining data security in your company

How the move towards remote working has increased demand on security teams and simple ways to improve security.

September, 15 2021 in Cybersecurity

Understanding data security as an ESG issue

ESG, "environment, social and corporate governance," is on the rise, and it has everything to do with data security.

September, 09 2021 in Hot Trends

Cryptography: what is it and why is it essential for the security of your business

"Crypto" means hidden or secret. Learn more about how Cryptography works and its usage as a business enabler.

September, 08 2021 in Encryption

Encrypted Data In The Cloud – The Future (2/2)

More on the third and fourth wave: how public key cryptography and searchable encryption can keep your data safe.

May, 05 2021 in Cybersecurity

Encrypted Data In The Cloud – The Future (1/2)

Data breaches, encryption and a brief history of modern cryptography and its first waves: symmetric encryption.

April, 28 2021 in Cybersecurity

Stop The Cookie Madness!

Cookies only exist to help companies collect massive amounts of data about their users. Here's how to stop them.

March, 31 2021 in Data Privacy

An Introduction To Cryptography

Cryptography is part of our everyday lives, even if we are not aware of it. But what is it exactly?

February, 23 2021 in Cybersecurity

What Happens With My Hacked Data?

What happens when your data is leaked? Are you personally affected by this?

February, 15 2021 in Data Privacy

Searchable Symmetric Encryption - The Future of Cloud Security

As cybersecurity becomes a top global priority, what encryption technology is best to use in the cloud?

February, 10 2021 in Encryption

How A Data Hack Impacts Your Business

When a company gets hacked, a lot is at stake. Let's take a quick look at the chain of the negative effects of a data breach.

February, 09 2021 in Cybersecurity

10 Golden Rules To Safely Surf The Internet

With so many frauds, we listed the ten golden rules you must follow to surf the internet safely. Enjoy it.

January, 20 2021 in Cybersecurity

Global Attitudes Towards Data Privacy

Our takes on the EU GDPR, the U.S. with the Californian CCPA, and Brazil with the recently introduced LGPD.

December, 25 2020 in Data Privacy