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At Vaultree, we develop the most advanced encryption technology to enable a leap into a safer future...and not just for a few but for all of us by working tirelessly to create a new standard of data security which is accessible for everybody. We enable encrypted data to function seamlessly in any environment, so forget a reality where data is visible, imagine a future where data does not exist in its raw form, everything is always encrypted, always safe!

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Why Vaultree?

We get up in the morning motivated to solve one of the most pressing issues on the planet, we breathe the fresh air of change during the day and go to bed with the feeling that we have done something good for society. We fight! For us, nothing is impossible or too difficult, we take on any challenge and go beyond ourselves to support our warriors.

We fail and that's ok because like this we learn and become better at what we do, together. Quality is what we strive for, not quantity, we think outside of the box and into the future. There’s nothing wrong with demonstrating weaknesses and there’s nothing wrong with admitting errors...we encourage honesty and discourage blame. At Vaultree, we are one team and nobody is left behind.

We strive for a world where everybody has equal rights and access to the same opportunities, independent of financial status, health background, social class, ethnic identity, skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, religious belief, traditions...we welcome and support every individual. No battle can be fought alone, and warriors stand doesn’t matter who you are, Vaultree welcomes you :)


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