Anyone can get hacked. Don't be anyone.

Your privacy is our nature. At Vaultree, we protect your information so you can run your business without any worries.

Great stories get more attention

Do you have a successful business? Smile, it's already being watched, and not just by the good guys. Say goodbye to these threats by saying loud and clear: "my data, my rules."

With us, you are in a safe environment

Encryption is a difficult concept to understand, isn't it? Leave the hassle to us and trust a solution that takes care of your company's data, end-to-end, this time for real.

Why are we different?

Modesty aside, we know our stuff. And we can prove it:

  • Easy integration and usability

    Plug & play. No matter the size of your operation, easily install our kit.

  • Security and control

    Zero-trust environment. No server-side decryption, no key disclosure, and complete control via audit and access management.

  • Performance and scalability

    Processing with close to real-time performance and 100% encrypted data.

Get peace of mind by having your data Vaultree'd

Simple or complex data? It doesn’t matter. Here they are safe, with close to real-time performance.

Encryption for everyone

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Simplicity

We work hard to make data protection accessible to everyone. Full transparency is key, and we don't hide behind anything.

"What a waste of time! That will never happen to my company."

Here are a few numbers for those who think this way or will regret doing so (according to Cybersecurity Ventures and Risk Based Security).

  • 36 Billion

    is the number of exposed data records in 2020 due to hacks, leaks, negligence or poor data governance.

  • $6 Trillion

    is the predicted damage value that cybercrime will wreck on global economies by the end of 2021.

  • 14 Seconds

    is the gap of time necessary for companies to fall victim to a ransomware attack.

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