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36 billion

exposed data records in 2020

due to hacks, leaks, negligence

or poor data governance.

6 trillion

Expected damage of

cybercrime on global

economies in 2021.

14 seconds

is the time interval in which businesses are falling victim to a ransomware attack.

Treating data in a secure and compliant manner requires significant operating expenses and know-how in various IT domains, which many companies can't afford, don't have the expertise in or believe to have their data protected.

Why do data leakages happen?

Why do data leakages happen?

Data has become a business's most valuable asset and is increasingly held in clouds where it is either unencrypted or insufficiently encrypted at rest.

When searching, sharing or working with it, it is being decrypted for transit which reveals the data in plaintext format. Hackers take advantage of these unsecured intersections and human errors occur.

Our solution

With Vaultree's toolkit, your business will not only be automatically compliant when working with sensitive data, you will benefit from our revolutionary encryption technology, allowing you to work with fully encrypted data.

We are striking a clear balance between security and usability by maintaining normal processing performance on fully encrypted data, avoiding unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure, unlawful destruction or loss.


Our pillars

Identification Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication


We secure human log-in procedures and provide seamless permission controls through Identification Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Compliance - Audit Management


We adhere to all major data protection & audit trail requirements. Our immutable audit log provides you with additional assurance.

State-of-art functional encryption technology


Our revolutionary technology ensures speed & performance are not compromised while working on fully encrypted data.

User Interface


We believe in making data protection simple and accessible to everyone. Our interface allows for a seamless and quick integration into your business.

Data privacy - Business growth

What’s in it for you?

Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns in modern societies. With stricter regulations being introduced and sophisticated cybercrimes on the rise, it is your responsibility to keep your clients' data safe. Safeguard your brand image, trust and money. By keeping your data safe and fully encrypted with us, you can concentrate on your day-to-day business.

But why?

We strive for an encrypted tomorrow! Our technology enables a foundational change in how we communicate with each other: Safely!

We are reshaping data protection via revolutionary encryption technology.

Our solution enables you to work with fully encrypted data at unparalleled performance levels in a simple, transparent and compliant manner.

Data Privacy-as-a-Service


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