fully encrypted data

The new standard in data protection

Fully encrypted

Keys owned by you and no server-side decryption, guaranteed with our Enhanced Searchable Symmetric Encryption and Fully Homomorphic Encryption.

Peak performance

Process fully encrypted data in close to real-time performance without decrypting any of it.

Plug and play

No matter the size of your operation, simple and seamless integration of our SDK is a given.

With us, tech and security teams will be at ease

You can access the full security suite via our SDK. Less headaches, smoother business.

And even better: You don’t have to be a cryptographer to use Vaultree, just be yourself! Leave the hassle to us and trust a solution that takes care of your company's data, end-to-end, this time for real.

We'll take off soon!

Get peace of mind by having your data Vaultree'd

Simple or complex data? It doesn’t matter. Here they are safe, with close to real-time performance.

Military-grade encrypted data, and nobody but you decides about the keys, we don't even want to see your data Military-grade encrypted data, nobody but you decides about the keys, we don't even want to see your data Plaintext data

Encryption for everyone

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Simplicity

We work hard to make data protection accessible to everyone. Full transparency is key, and we don't hide behind anything.

Cybersecurity has become a priority

A few numbers for those who still think security is not a real issue (according to Cybersecurity Ventures and Risk Based Security).

  • $6 Trillion

    is the predicted damage value that cybercrime will wreck on global economies by the end of 2021.

  • 36 Billion

    is the number of exposed data records in 2020 due to hacks, leaks, negligence or poor data governance.

  • 14 Seconds

    is the gap of time necessary for companies to fall victim to a ransomware attack.