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Three of the biggest cyberattacks of 2022

July, 19 2022 in Cybersecurity

Three of the biggest cyberattacks of 2022 - so far

2022 has already registered a growing number of cyberattacks. We listed three that have made a significant impact.

Author: Vaultree Team

July, 19 2022 in Hot Trends

The fintech revolution: How are financial institutions preparing to protect consumer data?

Cybersecurity is THE topic, but protecting data is even more relevant for financial companies. Here's our take on the fintech revolution. 

Author: Vaultree Team

July, 05 2022 in Cybersecurity

Guide of Cybersecurity: how to choose a reliable service to keep your data safe

Choosing a cybersecurity provider you can trust is the first step to securing your data. Here are a few tips to help you in the process.

Author: Vaultree Team

July, 04 2022 in DevOps

What do I need to become a cybersecurity professional?

The opportunities in the tech ecosystem are immense, from product management to back-end development. Check it out. 

Author: Vaultree Team

July, 04 2022 in Hot Trends

The best conferences of 2022 so far: our takes on the latest cybersecurity events

From RSA to InfoSecurity Europe, the past few months were full of fantastic tech and cryptography events.

Author: Vaultree Team

June, 24 2022 in Cybersecurity

Here is why we need more diversity programs in cybersecurity

Diverse companies are stronger, with broader skills, and brew more innovation - all absolutely necessary for cybersecurity.

Author: Vaultree Team

June, 15 2022 in Hot Trends

Metaverse x Cybersecurity: how to protect yourself inside the metaverse

The Metaverse will bring us - quite literally - a whole new world with different possibilities and many challenges.

Author: Vaultree Team

June, 14 2022 in DevOps

What are JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), and how do they work?

As cybersecurity experts search for new ways to increase privacy online, JWTs have become one of the most potent authentication tools.

Author: Vaultree Team

May, 23 2022 in Cybersecurity

What is the BlackCat ransomware attack, and why is it unique?

The so-called BlackCat ransomware has drawn the attention of cyber experts. Here's what you need to know about it.

Author: Vaultree Team

May, 19 2022 in Cybersecurity

The importance of breaking gender bias in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a field where more talent is needed; bringing more women (and diversity) to teams is the only way forward.

Author: Vaultree Team

May, 09 2022 in Hot Trends

How lack of investments created a huge debt in cybersecurity

As companies prioritised operations in the last few months, security investments need to increase to compensate for that debt.

Author: Vaultree Team

April, 25 2022 in Encryption

What is the difference between encryption, tokenisation, and masking?

There are many ways to protect data. Here's our take on the tools that can (and should) be used to complement each other.

Author: Vaultree Team