How Vaultree's SDK can make your life easier - and keep your data safer!

Vaultree's solution is harder, better, faster and stronger than any encryption technology you've ever seen. See it yourself.

Written by Vaultree Team

July, 25 2022 in Product Updates

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of the main issues and concerns of our current times. With remote work, open banking, cloud and so many other facilitations these days, companies have access to a massive amount of confidential data about us. Cybercrime is rising with victims ranging from individuals to large, essential companies and even governments.

It's not just about money (though cybercrime costs trillions of dollars yearly). It's about the data and the damage that locking systems or leaking sensitive information can bring to an individual, a company and, sometimes, even to a whole country. Just to name a few examples, we have seen criminals targeting Ukraine just before the war raged on, and we have seen them aiming at hospitals at the height of the pandemic. Cybercrime is real, and so is the possibility of becoming another victim.


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As cybercrime evolves, so does the need of companies, individuals, and governments to protect themselves and be one step ahead.

Harder, better, faster and stronger than any encryption technology you've ever seen


This is where Vaultree’s solution comes in, with an encryption technology that works, is easily scalable and functions with companies existing tech stacks and databases - making your life easier and safer. We've  dramatically improved performance issues with the traditional processing of encrypted data to break the old barriers that used to prevent enterprises from adopting cutting-edge encryption technologies.

Proven superior performance with truly end-to-end (and always) encryption


Vaultree applies technologies such as searchable and fully homomorphic encryption in the most efficient manner. Our solution allows you to encrypt (thereby protecting) and process (meaning: you can work with it) all your data with near plain text performance in the safest zero-trust environment.

It's a pioneering solution that we are proud to present. And it's more than just a solution; it is pure ​​and always encryption-as-a-service. Vaultree's co-founder Maxim Dressler says it best:

"The traditional security model is no longer fit for purpose and zero-trust models are simply more relevant in this era of remote work. EaaS can bridge the security gap caused by human psychology, becoming preventative instead of reactive and exceeding current security standards”.


You're in control


Vaultree tackles the issue of database solutions that decrypt data on the server side by delivering an always encrypted solution. The decryption only takes place on the last millimetre on the client side. This means that data is queried and processed in an always encrypted format, adding a crucial layer of protection.

Vaultree's SDK is extremely cost-efficient, as it is low maintenance and saves up on energy costs. You can also save money with cyber protection insurances and reduce your compliance costs.

The SDK is also perfect for your specific needs. You can personalise it and easily add it as a key element of your data protection strategy by selecting exactly which sensitive data to protect - keeping information quickly accessible and saving time and money.


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A real zero-trust, always encrypted environment


Keys are owned by you and never stored on the server, you have segregated roles and you can bring your own keys to the management system. Adding to the security is our zero-trust environment, with no server-side decryption, total access control to sensitive data. So don't worry: we protect your information without ever having (or wanting) to see your data (encrypted or unencrypted).

And what’s more: our proprietary and innovative solution is scalable and allows you to search and compute large amounts of encrypted data with near plain text performance. You won't even notice you are dealing with highly encrypted and safe information - that's how fast things go.


Want to learn more? Talk to one of our team and book your SDK beta demo.

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