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Have you ever thought about the future of data security? There is one thing we can guarantee: it will be accessible to everyone. We work hard to develop the most advanced technology for superior data protection. Encrypted data must become the norm. Plaintext data? That's in the past. The future will be encrypted.

Why choose Vaultree?

What gets you out of bed every day? For us, it's connecting things that might seem disconnected. Our biggest source of inspiration is nature, from its perfect imperfection, from the crooked lines and lack of patterns that make everything and everyone unique. We work hard. We try, and we test without hesitation. We feel free, and we strive for everyone to feel the same way without worrying about their data security. Privacy is not just our business; it's our nature.

Sounds good?

If you think that what we can do matches what you believe in and need, let's share ideas. Check the open positions on our LinkedIn page or just send your application to