Vaultree’s Partnership With Google Cloud SQL and AlloyDB: Persistent, Lightning-Fast Data Encryption in the Cloud

A Trusted Google Cloud Platform Partner, Vaultree Brings Enhanced Innovation and Security to the Cloud

Written by Vaultree Team

February, 02 2024 in Cloud Security

Organisations increasingly rely on cloud-hosted databases to store, process, and manage vast amounts of sensitive information. However, this transition to the cloud has also introduced significant security challenges as organisations grapple with data privacy concerns, cybersecurity threats, identity and access management issues, compliance and legal requirements, and the need for assurance of persistent encryption.

In response to these challenges, Vaultree, a leading provider of data encryption solutions, has established strategic collaborations with Google Cloud to offer comprehensive cloud data security solutions. By integrating its FFDUE™ (Fully Functional Data In Use Encryption) technology with Google Cloud SQL and AlloyDB, Vaultree empowers organisations to not only protect their data and comply with current regulations but to properly harness and benefit from their sensitive data’s utility for the first time.

Vaultree’s FFDUE™ Solution 

Before we get into these partnership integration solutions, we should first understand the revolutionary technology that garnered interest from Google.

Fully Functional Data In Use Encryption (FFDUE™) is an evolution of Fully Homomorphic Encryption that was designed to ensure persistent data encryption - at breakthrough speed and scale - including when in use, in transit, at rest and during processing. This approach allows data to remain encrypted even during analysis, computations, or collaborative processing.

This technology is particularly well-suited for cloud computing environments due to its seamless integration with cloud infrastructure and compatibility with popular cloud service providers and storage solutions.

Vaultree and Google Cloud SQL

Cloud-based SQL databases have become a popular choice for organisations due to their scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. However, these databases are often targeted by malicious actors seeking to steal sensitive information or disrupt business operations. Traditional security measures, such as access control and firewalls, while essential, are not sufficient to protect data from sophisticated cyberattacks and insider threats.

“In light of cyber risks increasing, cyber threats proliferating and a changing operating environment, it is more critical than ever for organisations to build and optimise a cybersecurity program.” - Gartner

Vaultree's integration solution with Google Cloud SQL addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive approach to data security. Vaultree's FFDUE™ technology seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud SQL, encrypting data at all stages - in transit, in use, during processing and at rest. 

Vaultree and Google AlloyDB

For organisations handling demanding transactional workloads, Google AlloyDB stands out as a powerful and reliable PostgreSQL-compatible database service. Its exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability make it an ideal choice for applications that require high availability and consistent performance. However, the increasing volume and sensitivity of data stored in cloud environments have also heightened concerns about data security and compliance in demanding transactional workloads.

Vaultree's collaboration with Google AlloyDB addresses these challenges by providing a synergistic approach to data security and performance. Vaultree's FFDUE™ technology seamlessly integrates with Google AlloyDB, complementing its robust security features with enhanced cryptographic technology, allowing computations and queries to be performed on persistently encrypted data without sacrificing speed or utility. 

This combination ensures that sensitive data remains protected while overcoming the traditional drawbacks of most Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) solutions by maintaining high performance and scalability standards - crucial for demanding transactional workloads.

Changing the Cloud Environment Forever: Vaultree, Cloud SQL and AlloyDB

The collaborations between Vaultree, Google Cloud SQL and AlloyDB represent a cloud-based data security revolution that promises to change how organisations think of, store and utilise their sensitive information in the cloud. Together, these technologies enable: 

  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance 

The integration of Vaultree's FFDUE encryption technology seamlessly complements the security features of Google Cloud SQL and AlloyDB, providing a comprehensive approach to data protection. 

Together, these technologies fortify access control, encrypt data at all stages and establish a formidable defence against potential breaches via granular access control, reducing the risk of data exposure and insider threats.

  • Seamless Cloud Integration

FFDUE™ is designed to integrate with a cloud environment seamlessly. Whether leveraging Google Cloud SQL for relational databases or AlloyDB for demanding transactional workloads, organisations can harness the power of cloud computing without compromising on data security. FFDUE's adaptability to major cloud service providers ensures that the collaborative solution is versatile and can be deployed across diverse cloud infrastructures.

  • Optimised Performance and Scalability

Google AlloyDB, known for its exceptional performance and scalability, combined with FFDUE's privacy-preserving capabilities, results in an optimised solution for handling varying workloads. The collaboration allows organisations to scale their operations in the cloud efficiently while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of their data.

  • Compliance Assurance 

As data privacy regulations become more stringent, compliance is a top priority for organisations. The collaboration between Vaultree, AlloyDB, and Cloud SQL offers a compliance-centric approach. FFDUE's encryption model surpasses current data protection regulations and enables seamless third-party, cross-border collaboration. 

  • Unlocking Data Utility 

Beyond the realm of security, this collaboration opens doors to innovative possibilities. Organisations can confidently explore advanced analytics, conduct real-time processing, and facilitate secure collaborations in the cloud. The combined strengths of Vaultree’s FFDUE™, AlloyDB, and Cloud SQL empower organisations to extract maximum value from their data assets without compromising on privacy and security.

In essence, the collaboration represents a groundbreaking advancement in cloud data management, providing a secure, adaptable, and high-performance solution for organisations navigating the complexities of modern data environments.


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