Vaultree Encrypted Data Sharing: Compliant, Simplified Cross-Border Data Sharing

Compliant, Cross Border Collaboration - Providing Innovative Data Utility at Scale

Written by Vaultree Team

March, 14 2024 in Data Security

In this series, we continue to explore Vaultree’s revolutionary new solution, Vaultree Encrypted Data Sharing (VEDS). A groundbreaking advancement for today’s data security challenges. Following our introductory exploration of VEDS, this post zooms in on the intricacies of cross-border data sharing - a task complicated by stringent regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other such regulations

As businesses strive to navigate these regulatory challenges, the need for a seamless, compliant data-sharing solution has never been more apparent. Without this, these organisations cannot hope to keep up with their competitors and innovate at an appropriate rate. 

Here, we discuss how VEDS not only meets this need but also simplifies compliance, transforming a critical business pain point into an opportunity for secure, efficient data exchange, even amongst competitors or in untrusted environments. Join us as we uncover the capabilities of VEDS in tackling the complexities of global data protection laws head-on.

The Challenges of Cross-Border Data Sharing

Cross-border data sharing is essential for business efficiency and growth. However, due to increasing rates of cybercrime, global regulations have become increasingly stringent, holding businesses to higher standards in their protection of sensitive individual data. This complicates the collaborative landscape for organisations operating across borders.

  • Unified (Yet Complex) Framework: Regulations such as GDPR present a unified data protection framework; however, certain variances in national laws across the EU add to compliance complexity. The UK’s DPA is a prime example.
  • Data Minimisation: Allows organisations to only collect as much data as necessary for the specified purpose.
  • Purpose Limitation: Collected data can only be used for the reason it was collected. 
  • Secure Data Transfer: Organisations must implement strong measures to protect data when transferring across borders. 

Outside of these broad requirements, regulations following the standard set by GDPR are increasingly imposing strict rules on data handling, emphasising the rights of the individual over their personal data. This right places an obligation on businesses to ensure data protection by design, obtain clear consent for data processing and enable individuals to access, rectify and erase their data easily.

Offering this ability to individuals without compromising data security is increasingly difficult for organisations in an era wherein cybercrime is increasing in both sophistication and frequency. Solving this problem is where VEDS thrives.

VEDS: Simplified Compliance Through Enhanced Security 

Through VEDS, your organisation can emerge as a beacon of innovation amidst the complexities of global compliance laws and cross-border data sharing. Here’s how VEDS achieves this:

  1. Seamless Alignment: VEDS is designed to surpass current global protection standards, ensuring that data minimisation, purpose limitation, and secure data transfer protocols are inherently supported. This alignment simplifies the compliance journey for businesses, enabling them to focus on growth rather than regulatory hurdles.
  2. End-to-End Encryption: By leveraging Vaultree’s Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE™), VEDS provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring data remains secure at all times, even during processing. This exceeds even GDPR’s security requirements, offering businesses a higher level of data protection and making it future-proof (some countries are already introducing data-in-use encryption as the new regulatory standard).
  3. Automated Compliance Measures: VEDS automates several compliance processes, such as ensuring data is only used for its intended purpose and maintaining data minimisation principles. This automation reduces the risk of human error and streamlines compliance efforts.
  4. Simplified Cross-Border Data Sharing: With VEDS, businesses can securely share encrypted data across borders without the need for complex legal arrangements like Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) or Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs). VEDS handles the intricacies of secure data transfer, making cross-border collaborations smoother and more secure.
  5. Data Sovereignty and Localisation: VEDS addresses data sovereignty and localisation requirements by ensuring that encrypted data can be stored and processed within the required jurisdictional boundaries, providing businesses with the flexibility to meet specific regional compliance demands.
  6. Enhanced Data Privacy: VEDS's encryption capabilities ensure that sensitive information is never exposed, even in the event of a data breach. This not only enhances security but also reinforces privacy by design.

Real-World Application: VEDS in Action

Vaultree’s Encrypted Data Sharing (VEDS) solution demonstrates its value across sectors by simplifying compliance and enhancing data security, enabling the following:


VEDS enables the secure sharing of encrypted patient records across borders, facilitating collaborative research and patient care while ensuring compliance with strict privacy regulations. 

Financial Services 

Financial institutions leverage VEDS for encrypted cross-border sharing of transaction data, enhancing fraud detection efforts without compromising customer privacy or regulatory compliance.

Research and Development

VEDS supports R&D collaborations by providing a secure platform for sharing encrypted research data, accelerating innovation without risking data integrity or confidentiality.

VEDS: A Collaborative Future

Vaultree's Encrypted Data Sharing (VEDS) redefines secure data sharing for businesses, merging advanced encryption with seamless compliance. As we forge ahead, the role of VEDS in secure, compliant data management becomes increasingly crucial, offering a strategic advantage to enterprises worldwide.

Explore the potential of VEDS for your business by booking a meeting today!

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