Vaultree: Bulletproof Your Business from GDPR Breach Disclosures and Fines

Transform compliance into a significant competitive advantage - business challenges now become opportunities for growth and innovation

Written by Vaultree Team

May, 26 2023 in Hot Trends

GDPR Holds Incredibly Promising Provision for Enterprises Using Encryption

With the significant increase in reported data breaches in the past few years, complying with GDPR whilst reducing the risk of costly breaches and fines is the number one rule. Still, since 2018, almost $4 billion in fines have been issued for violations of GDPR. The maximum fine for non-compliance with GDPR is 4% of an organisation's annual global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater. 

GDPR now holds an incredibly promising provision that's transforming cybersecurity – if your data is encrypted, and there’s a data breach, you are exempted from reporting or disclosing the breach. Under Article 34, section 3(1) of GDPR, a company does not have to notify individuals that their data was breached if that data was encrypted, further strengthening Vaultree's value proposition. This presents a profound opportunity for organisations to safeguard their reputations and avoid brand reputation damage and legal penalties - a game-changer offered by Vaultree.

Vaultree, a pioneer in data and cybersecurity, provides the world's first Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption solution. This groundbreaking innovation transcends structured and unstructured data, allowing full search, computations, and analytics on encrypted data. Vaultree's solution not only enhances cybersecurity but unlocks new horizons in AI and ML applications, all without surrendering encryption or decrypting server-side. With Vaultree, your data remains encrypted and invisible to unauthorised entities, even when breached.

Any security errors, be it from unaware employees or inadvertent lapses, become inconsequential. The risk of reputational damage, legal fines, and GDPR non-compliance is virtually eliminated. This is not just a revolution in data security - it's a paradigm shift in how we think about data protection and access.

Vaultree’s doesn’t stop there. Its seamless integration with existing database technologies and third-party systems, trusted by industry giants like Google, ensures your data remains encrypted, accessible, and secure. Vaultree offers scalable, high-performance solutions that grow with your organisation, ensuring growth never comes at the cost of security.

Vaultree's Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption offers several key advantages:

1. Confidentiality: By encrypting data before sharing, organisations worldwide ensure the confidentiality of personal information. Vaultree's technology ensures that sensitive data remains protected even when shared across different entities, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access.

2. Data Minimisation: GDPR emphasises data minimisation - collecting and storing only necessary data. Vaultree enables organisations to share only the required encrypted data for a specific analysis, reducing the exposure of personal information.

3. Secure Collaboration: Organisations globally can collaborate and perform computations on encrypted data without revealing its content. Vaultree allows multiple parties to analyse data while preserving individual privacy. This promotes secure collaborations like research, data analytics, or machine learning tasks.

4. Consent Management: Obtaining informed consent is vital to GDPR compliance. Vaultree allows computations to be performed on encrypted data, eliminating the need for direct access to decrypted data. This reduces reliance on individual consent for specific data processing tasks, enhancing compliance with GDPR.

5. Compliance with Purpose Limitation: The GDPR mandates that personal data should be processed for specific, legitimate purposes. This limitation is removed for encrypted or anonymised data. Vaultree's technology allows you to use your encrypted data for analysis and other processing beyond the purpose for which the data was first collected.

In the evolving landscape of global regulations like GDPR, Vaultree stands as a leader in data and cybersecurity. It's not just about compliance; it's about transforming compliance into a significant competitive advantage - transforming business challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. With Vaultree, you can secure your data, empower your enterprise, and let the world know - when it comes to cybersecurity, your organisation isn't just prepared, it's untouchable.

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