The best conferences of 2022 so far: our takes on the latest cybersecurity events

From RSA to InfoSecurity Europe, the past few months were full of fantastic tech and cryptography events.

Written by Vaultree Team

July, 04 2022 in Hot Trends

So far, 2022 has been an exciting year for us at Vaultree as we have had the opportunity to participate in some of tech's most significant events.



Our first event this year was the South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. We saw a diverse environment when it comes to tech but noticed that there were few companies in the cybersecurity sector - and none specifically representing cryptography technologies. With cybersecurity and cryptography solutions becoming more pressing every day, we look forward to future events, especially the ones with such a diverse set of companies and people attending.


PET Summit 

In May we joined the PET Summit, with more specialised companies in the cybersecurity sector, including two advanced cryptography colleagues. It was a great experience to exchange knowledge in a field that is always on the move and that brings novelties at every turn. We’ve enjoyed the conversations with people with more expertise in the field and us hosting a roundtable discussion on searchable and fully homomorphic encryption to showcase what the technologies’ potential is and how Vaultree slots in.



It was back to basics (as it sometimes needs to be) with RSA, which is a massive event with a focus on technologies that are well known in our sector. We talked and heard a lot about API security and application security, for example.

For us, the highlight was the announcement of our collaboration with Qrypt, making fast, future secure data processing in a cloud-first world possible. A perfect synergy to bring to life the only algorithm mathematically proven to be safe against all known attacks, including future quantum computers. You can learn more about our partnership on (in)secure magazine.

Infosec London: A look into the future

Infosecurity Europe is the continent’s biggest cybersecurity event. It was a great chance to make connections and drive conversations with fellow cybersec professionals, crypto enthusiasts and anyone interested in the future of data privacy.


ICT Spring Luxembourg

At this global tech conference which is hosting an array of international and innovative companies and professionals in Luxembourg, we connected with people solely working in tech, especially those in FinTech and HealthTech, two sectors that are in dire need for what Vaultree offers, not just because of regulations, but also due to the high sensitivity of their data which have been victim to increasing recent attacks.


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We're looking forward to upcoming events, where we'll undoubtedly work to raise awareness about cybersecurity, data privacy, and educate about the need for advanced cryptographic solutions. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop with the latest events and news in the tech and cybersec world.

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