Simplifying GDPR Compliance Through Enhanced Data Security

FFDUE™: Providing Continuous GDPR Compliance with Ease

Written by Vaultree Team

February, 28 2024 in Data Compliance

In an era where data is the lifeblood of modern business, protecting it is not just a necessity but a mandate and a predicted competitive advantage. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), brought in by the European Union in 2018, is the global data privacy and security standard. 

While these requirements set out by GDPR are necessary to protect both businesses and individuals, continual compliance can be daunting for businesses. Enter Vaultree. Our Fully Functional Data In Use Encryption (FFDUE™) solution promises to revolutionise how businesses handle data privacy and the ease at which they continually comply with GDPR.

Simplified Compliance 

At its heart, GDPR imposes strict rules on data handling, emphasising the rights of the individual over their personal data. This right places an obligation on businesses to ensure data protection by design, obtain clear consent for data processing and enable individuals to access, rectify and erase their data easily.

Offering this ability to individuals without compromising data security is increasingly difficult for organisations in an era wherein cybercrime is increasing in both sophistication and frequency. Solving this problem is where FFDUE™ thrives.

The Solution 

Traditional encryption secures data at rest and in transit. However, to process this data, it must be decrypted, exposing the plaintext data to risk. FFDUE™ is a game changer here, allowing for complex computations on persistently encrypted data, ensuring data remains secure throughout its lifecycle. Enabling businesses to analyse, share and process encrypted data without ever exposing it in a decrypted form. 

FFDUE™ in Your Business

Vaultree’s technology offers an elegant solution to many GDPR compliance challenges. With FFDUE™, businesses can perform data analytics, share information across borders, and collaborate on sensitive data, all while the data remains encrypted. 

This approach severely reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access, directly addressing GDPR’s requirements for data security and privacy by design. Additionally, FFDUE minimises the amount of data that needs to be exposed or processed in an unencrypted form, aligning with GDPR’s data minimisation principle.

Vaultree Powered, GDPR Compliant Innovation 

Encrypted Data Sharing 

Industries handling highly sensitive data still face the need to collaborate securely with third parties to drive innovation. FFDUE™ opens new avenues for this collaboration at speed without compromising security. Currently, our technology is enabling the following:

  • Healthcare: Hospitals are securely sharing patient data for research without exposing patient privacy. 
  • Telecom: Companies are collaborating on fraud detection algorithms without exposing individual customer data

In these two examples, organisations are utilising FFDUE™ to securely share data to drive innovation while maintaining complete privacy and their competitive advantage.

Keeping Pace with Agile Data

As with any data protection regulation, GDPR must change with the times and increasing effectiveness of cybercriminals, ensuring organisations patch holes and stay one step ahead of these bad actors. These changes can cause headaches and challenges for organisations dealing with incredibly sensitive data. 

Vaultree enables businesses to swiftly adapt to regulation changes without sacrificing data security or processing speed. Our technology allows organisations to maintain data agility, making changes to sensitive data when needed without revealing plaintext information. 

Ease of Implementation

To facilitate the integration of FFDUE™ into existing business systems, Vaultree provides FFDUE™ through user-friendly Software Development Kits (SDKs). These SDKs serve as a bridge, enabling businesses to adopt FFDUE without the need for extensive cryptographic expertise. An FFDUE™ SDK includes pre-built libraries, APIs, and documentation that simplify the process of encrypting data, performing computations on encrypted data, and decrypting the results. 

By using a Vaultree SDK, businesses can seamlessly integrate FFDUE™ into their applications, reducing the complexity and resource requirements associated with custom cryptographic implementations. This approach not only accelerates the adoption of FFDUE™ but also ensures that the implementation is robust, efficient, and in line with best practices. As a result, even organisations with limited cryptographic knowledge can leverage the power of FFDUE™ to enhance their data security and GDPR compliance.

Vaultree: Joining You on Your GDPR Journey 

Fully Functional Data in Use Encryption stands at the forefront of the next wave of data security technologies, offering a robust solution to GDPR compliance and beyond. By enabling secure data processing and sharing, FFDUE™ not only helps businesses comply with stringent privacy regulations but also unlocks the potential for a wide range of data-driven innovations. As we step further into a data-centric world, FFDUE™ is the key to balancing the scales between data utility and privacy.

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