Securing Your Data Warehouse: Vaultree's Revolutionary Google Partnership Continues with BigQuery

Enterprises Operating in the Cloud Can No Longer Ignore the Need for Advanced Encryption - Explore How to Securely Your Data Securely With Vaultree and BigQuery

Written by Vaultree Team

April, 09 2024 in Cloud Security

As enterprises amass vast data lakes in the cloud, the imperative for stringent, innovative data security grows exponentially. With the cloud computing market projected to escalate from USD 0.68 trillion in 2024 to 1.44 trillion USD by 2029, securing these extensive data repositories against escalating cyber threats and ensuring compliance becomes paramount.

Vaultree, in its role as a trusted Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner, has been at the forefront of innovating cloud security solutions. Our successful integrations with Google CloudSQL and AlloyDB have already set benchmarks for cloud data protection. Building upon this, we're excited to introduce our collaboration with Google BigQuery. 

Discover how our pioneering integration is set to transform cloud data security through Vaultree’s proprietary Data-In-Use Encryption technology. 

The Need for Enhanced Cloud Security 

Amidst this global shift towards cloud computing, two mindsets emerge among organisations. On the one hand, some hold onto the legacy belief that transitioning to the cloud inherently secures their data, a misconception derived from traditional on-premises data warehousing practices. On the other hand, a growing awareness acknowledges the complexities and challenges of cloud security, leading to 94% of organisations reporting significant concerns over safeguarding data within hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

Adding to this anxiety, there have also been several high-profile data breaches in cloud data lakes over the years, including:

  1. Meta: Facebook experienced a breach before August 2019 but did not notify over 530 million users until April 2021. The stolen data included phone numbers, full names, locations, email addresses, and other details from user profiles.
  2. Accenture: In 2017, Accenture left at least four AWS S3 storage buckets unsecured, resulting in a breach that exposed unbridled authentication details, confidential API data, digital certificates, decryption keys, user data, and metadata.
  3. Cognyte: In May 2021, cybersecurity analytics giant Cognyte left its database unsecured without authentication protocols, leading to a breach.

Vaultree and BigQuery: Elevating Cloud Data Security 

BigQuery's robust, serverless data warehouse is essential for enterprises looking to leverage analytics for strategic insights. Our collaboration enhances BigQuery’s offering by embedding Vaultree's Data-In-Use Encryption, ensuring continuous encryption of data — not just at rest or in transit, but importantly, during processing and use.

True data explorations and analytics hinge on the utilisation of diverse data sets, necessitating meticulous management. With Vaultree, organisations gain a unified view of their data workflows, ensuring the seamless handling of large data lakes. This capability is vital for maintaining data integrity and compliance, enabling effective data management and insights.

The Impact of Vaultree’s Data-In-Use Encryption Technology

By partnering with Vaultree, GCP positions itself at the forefront of secure cloud computing and analysis, granting customers peace of mind.

Product Overview

Vaultree's platform integrates seamlessly with BigQuery, functioning as a set of loadable functions and a driver that facilitates the encryption of data at rest, in transit, and, importantly, in use. Utilising proprietary Searchable Encryption (SE) for text data and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) for numerical data, alongside any cipher of choice for encryption at rest, our technology enables constant data encryption. Its standout feature is the ability to keep data encrypted during processing, requiring decryption only when results need to be interpreted by humans.

Technical Advantages

Vaultree's Data-In-Use technology marks a proprietary evolution in encryption, blending advanced in-use algorithms, including Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), among others. This revolutionary approach enables near real-time processing and querying of encrypted data, setting a new benchmark in encryption performance and elevating the encryption technology standard.

Security and Compliance

Our Data-In-Use Encryption solution not only ensures continuous encryption but also meets and exceeds obligations for enterprise data management security. By keeping data encrypted at every stage, we significantly enhance security and minimise the risks associated with potential data breaches. Even in cases of unauthorised access, your data remains securely encrypted and unusable, adhering to and surpassing stringent data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Thus, sensitive information is securely managed without ever being exposed in plaintext.

Transformative Use Cases Across Industries

The integration of Vaultree's encryption technology with BigQuery revolutionises secure data management across various sectors:

  • Healthcare: Secure analysis of encrypted patient data enhances HIPAA compliance and confidentiality.
  • Financial Services: Encrypted transactional data analysis aids in fraud detection without sacrificing customer privacy.
  • Research and Development: Secure processing of encrypted research data protects intellectual property and encourages innovation.

The Bright Future of Cloud Security 

The partnership between Vaultree and Google BigQuery marks a significant leap forward in enhancing data security across cloud computing. This collaboration introduces an advanced encryption layer that ensures data integrity and compliance with minimal impact on performance, empowering enterprises to manage their data securely. It transforms data security into a strategic advantage for growth and innovation.

Discover the advantages of Vaultree's encryption solutions for BigQuery and how they can strengthen your overall data security strategy by booking a meeting today.

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