FFDUE - Where Advanced Data-In-Use Encryption Meets Enterprise Agility

Effortless Implementation, Seamless Integration, and Uncompromised Security – all with enterprise-level performance, speed, and scale.

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Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption

Vaultree's groundbreaking Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE) transforms sensitive data protection. Seamlessly process and search encrypted data, enabling AI and ML advancements. With unmatched speed and scalability, it's the choice for data-focused sectors. Persistent encryption ensures safety even during breaches, aligning with GDPR's non-disclosure clauses. Integration is smooth, requiring no changes. Trusted globally, Vaultree promises data that's always encrypted, accessible, and secure.

How it Works

Follow the journey of your data with Vaultree’s FFDUE to understand how we transform data security into a business advantage.


Convert, Ingest, Encrypt

Integrate Vaultree’s SDK to auto encrypt data as it enters your ecosystem. Whether structured or unstructured, your data remains searchable and fully encrypted.


Go Further - Process and Analyze

Run your regular operations—ETL, analytics, machine learning, AI—on your encrypted data without sacrificing performance.


Visualise and Present

Connect your encrypted data to your favourite BI tools and reporting dashboards like Tableau, aggregating values without ever needing to decrypt individual elements.


Store and Retain

Achieve plaintext-level searchability, even when your historical data is encrypted, for smooth data retrieval.


Share and Collaborate Safely

Collaborate safely with your team and partners, internally and externally – eliminating the need for data anonymization.


Archive and Eliminate

Maintain security and operational efficiency from the moment data enters your ecosystem to when it exits.


Empowering secure, scalable data operations with Vaultree FFDUE

SDK Deployment

Easily integrate into any environment with our SDK, no proprietary codes or languages to learn.

Security Assurance

Trusted security model that ensures no key disclosure and no server-side decryption.

Identity & Access Management

Maintain full control with sophisticated IAM and comprehensive audit logs.

Sublinear Performance

Process encrypted data at speeds almost equivalent to plaintext.

Cipher Choices

Choose your encryption standards from AES, DES, 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, and Skipjack, among others.

Key Management

Complete control over your encryption keys, integration with key management systems like Hashicorp and Yubikey.

Universal Fit: Extend Your Capabilities

Vaultree integrates effortlessly across platforms, databases and languages, securing your data wherever it resides while meeting compliance needs.

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