Vaultree Joins FDATA to Bring Enhanced Encryption to Major Global Financial Firms

Vaultree Joins FDATA to Bring Enhanced Encryption to Major Global Financial Firms

December, 07 2021

CORK, Ireland – Nov. Day, 2021 – Vaultree announced today that the company is now a member of the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), which brings together companies operating in financial technology throughout the world. Vaultree’s membership will bridge connections between major global financial players in the private and public sector. 

FDATA advocates, lobbies for and encourages the delivery of open banking and open finance across the globe, particularly on behalf of regulated third party providers. With membership in FDATA, Vaultree joins an important global association in the open data and open banking sector, which provides through its members innovative financial and technological services to billions of end-users.

Vaultree customers will be able to leverage the FDATA network, and FDATA will be able to leverage Vaultree’s groundbreaking encryption and privacy-preserving technology for its public and private members. This will protect their sensitive data beyond current security standards. Vaultree’s Encryption-as-a-Service is designed for businesses working with data in the cloud that need to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity. Its scalable, cloud-native and patent-pending encryption technology enables highly regulated organizations to freely access and use their data without having to reveal their encryption keys or data content to anyone. 

Richard Prior, CEO, FDATA, said: “The members of FDATA are handling increasing amounts of sensitive information while also facing increased security risks and regulatory compliance. They are looking for better ways to protect this data in a way that’s manageable. We’re pleased to have Vaultree join FDATA and work with our fintech members to leverage the power of their encryption technology.”

Maxim Dressler, co-founder, Vaultree, said: “FDATA works to support regulated industries that require strong encryption as part of their operations. FDATA will help open doors for Vaultree and our privacy enhancing technology (PET) through its contacts in the private and public sector, creating the necessary visibility in the market for a technology which truly preserves customer data beyond current security standards. This is important as we continue to expand our market share and build the brand.”


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