What can we expect from the infosec market in 2022?

With the year still ahead of us, there are undoubtedly many exciting things we can look forward to in 2022.

Written by Vaultree Team

February, 24 2022 in Hot Trends

The year 2021 has certainly brought a lot of advancements when we talk about the information security market. From small steps of bettering old cryptographic technologies to the jump in investments for the sector, there has been much to talk about in the area - we have already covered a lot of ground on our blog so far, and you can check out some interesting articles, including info on SSE and its advantages.

Of course, many of the advances were brought on by the endless stream of cybercrimes and data leaks that have marked much of 2021. But, other than tech trends that we look forward to, some interesting movements within the infosec market will certainly catch our attention  in the coming months.


New work positions for new demands


As the market evolves, we see the need for new dedicated teams to deal with cyber safety, and 2022 will likely increase job offers for people with positions such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). At the same time, cybersecurity, which entered the realm of ESG issues last year, will now become an even bigger topic within companies.

"IT management staff need to have a more holistic understanding of the issues", says Vaultree's co-founder and advisor, Dr Kevin Curran. Consequently, cybersecurity training will likely become mandatory for a growing number of businesses and their employees, Curran explained.

The most significant risk, companies have learned over and over again, lies within the human component. To fight back and protect data, the most basic step comes with having the vital staff to mitigate risks and train every single employee to understand the safety procedures when dealing with data.


Increasing technology to fight increased risks


Additionally, with cybercriminals becoming almost professional in their threats, our technology must evolve. And it has. The infosec market will see encryption technologies playing a more significant role in everyday business life. "Encrypted data is useless to criminals", as Curran explains.

The problem is that dealing with encrypted data with the mainstream tech we now have can become a cumbersome task. However, 2022 will see significant advances in the sector, especially with searchable encryption becoming more practical and solving many of the market's issues in earlier years.

Vaultree is one of the companies spearheading this movement of innovation and advances. With privacy and data security at its core, the startup reaches 2022 with a product that aims to simplify and scale encryption usage without removing any of its benefits: data is secure, scrambled, unusable in the wrong hands.

We are excited to dive into the news for the market in 2022, proud to be a part of the moving changes in the technology sector and happy to see what we believe will be a safer, more secure, and still faster and more connected future.

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